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The Horned Goddess

by Blood Sacrifice

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Rat King 02:34
The wolf moon rises, in the east. A rusted essence in the air. Drawn and quartered, 666 hours of merciless torture. Bloodthirsty vermin unleashed from their rusted cages. Tails entangled in one rotting mass clamouring towards the bound malefactor. Buckets dripping crimson. Collection of blood to power the war machine. Bled, bred, milked and fed. Kept alive as stock. Human life, devoid of meaning, reduced to writhing offal. Face eaten away by rats, devoured by vermin. Drawn and quartered, 666 hours of merciless torture. Tails entangled in one rotting mass. Skull left smiling eternally.
Inside the castle, war machines are built by slaves. Screams echo like a chorus of death. The pale empress raises her whip. Slaves kneel and obey, grow to love their chains, carving the tools of their own destruction. Matriarchal reign in blood. Spare the rod, spoil the revolution. Dominate, obliterate, prepare for war. Screams echo like a chorus of death.
Black Temple 04:09
Black temple roof, freezing polar sky. Horses clad in iron and leather drag forth the pale empress through snowy trails. Sadistic bloody lips crack a devilish smile. Shiny latex and glistening blades. Sin fills the air, thicker than blood. Dismembered corpses piled in a pit. Exsanguinated. Stripped. Valkyrie army. Vampire queen heals through cleansing the earth of maggots. Exsanguinated. Stripped. World destruction. Human annihilation. The final solution.
Nachzehrer 03:54
Exsanguinate the shroud eaters, the dead feast on the living. Autophagist plague of disease. Buried with a brick in mouth to stop the bloody omnicide. Plague doctor impotent against suicidal slashed veins. Exsanguinate the shroud eaters, the dead feast on the living. Nachzehrer, a pig satisfied, spells cast on a moonlit night, mass gravestone, cold white moon. Seances with the dead. Devour my shroud, lower me down. Turning tables in the places des vosges, ectoplasm, amor fati. The dead control the living. Cleanse the earth. Impotent to stop the vampiric black blood from spreading the disease. Keep the pendulum from swinging. We the plague. Suicidal black blood.
Blood Ritual 03:00
Hot black candles. Burning flames. Sage clouds all around. The circle is cast, Satan called forth. Ritual bloodletting. Ritual sex. The victim is drained. Chanting rises higher as the vampire queen is possessed. She enters the gateway to madness. The left hand rises to lower the blade. Ritual genital mutilation. Sacrifice to the horned goddess. Devour the flesh. Drink the virility of man. Strengthen the cover with a blood sacrifice. Bear the sigil of the horned goddess. Satan.


Montréal black metal
Edition of 133 copies available through Les Fleurs du Mal tapes.


released May 14, 2018


Jean: Guitar
Aaron: Guitar
Patrick: Bass
Antoine: Drums
Blodøks: Spells

Recorded and Mixed by Patrick McDowall at Soundhole in Montreal, Quebec, Canada.
Logo and Album Artwork by Blodøks
Layout by Alexis Élément Plamondon


all rights reserved



Blood Sacrifice Montreal, Québec


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